Unable are the Loved to die –

I’ve recently had a reoccurring theme come through my life and it is all based around a poem by Emily Dickinson. It goes as such:

Unable are the Loved to die
For Love is Immortality,
Nay, it is Deity –

Unable they that love – to die
For Love reforms Vitality
Into Divinity.

I have been missing Ryane so much lately, especially with all the craziness within my life. There are so many questions.  They tell you to graduate from college, but then they don’t really tell you what the next step is.  So with all this question in my life, I miss the one person who could always keep me grounded in who I am.  Now I feel as though I am re-finding who that person is, slowly picking up the pieces of my soul and my dreams.  The same goes for those in my family, slowly we are finding those pieces that were chipped off, we are remembering the love.

My first encounter with the lesson in the poem above was found in the new Mitch Albom’s called “The Next Person You Meet in Heaven.”  As always, his book was amazing, AND the underlying message was powerful.  It’s the thought that when a person dies, all we see is their timeline stop.  Their existences seems to disappear, but as we all know this is not true.  As the poem above says, there love carries on.  And I don’t mean in a corny way.   I mean in the way that we cannot even comprehend the effect of our love on others.  How it weaves in and out of more lives than we can imagine.  How people that knew Ryane when she was growing up, to those who knew her in high school and college, all were there in different aspects, but still were affected (for good and bad) by Ryane’s love.  And through this affect, the world continues to carry that love to others.

The best way the book explained it (sorry for the spoiler), is one of the men in the book was a theme park maintenance man and he died saving a little girl from a falling ride.  In his heaven, he gets to see all of the children that because of his work at the park lived.  This includes those children’s, children’s, children’s, children’s, children and so on.  We have this limited concept of time, but that isn’t how Love works.  Love works in and out and around people.  I know Ryane’s love lives on through me, but I can only imagine the hundreds of other people who it also lives on it.  And how from those hundreds of people, hundreds of more people are affected and changed by it as well.  Obviously, this applies to all who have passed away.  There love continues to grow! It does not get weaker or die out; it has movement in our lives.  And for all these reasons, I know that Ryane is still alive out in the world today, not physically, but her love is in motion and will continue to be.

Then, the actually Emily Dickinson’s quote was used repeatedly in the next book I read called “The Rules of Magic.”   Again, talking about the importance and infinity of love.

My last novel I read was called “Winter Nights.”  Another heart wrenching, beautiful story.  I am actually naming it my Favorite Book of 2019 (so far).  But again the message in the end was, maybe our life is more than we think.  That as we grow up and live on each moment is full of joy AND sorrow.  We must feel both, but we grasp on to the joy a little more.  Because.. how else can we live?   It is that joy that gets us through the sorrow.  It is the sorrow that reminds us of the joy.  We have to feel and accept both to live and appreciate the life we have.  I feel the sorrow and joy in each memory of Ryane.  The stab of loss that she is not here, but the joy of the lessons and love she has left me with.  I hold the latter closer to me.  I allow it to lift me on my worse days and break out into laughter on my best days.  This is the way I like to think of Ryane, eternal.


Books and stories were always my go to growing up.  To find comfort and shelter and escape.  I have just now begun looking into poetry, and for a simple poem like the one above to cover such an important lesson that books take hundreds of pages to capture.  It is unbelievable and absolutely beautiful.  Sorry for the long book rant, but I just had to share this message since it kept popping up!

If you have any book recommendations, let me know!  Thank you all for your constant love and support.  Love you all! ❤


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5 thoughts on “Unable are the Loved to die –

  1. So well said, Nelson. That poem is probably my favorite ever. It is so powerful and simple, reading this made me cry. It is good to speak of her continued path of love that goes unknown, because it is ever alive and active. ❤

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    1. Thanks Regan ❤ It is definitely my favorite as well. It is amazing to know that her love will continue move through others infinitely, whether we are aware of it or not. Hope you are doing well! ❤


  2. Such a sweet and beautiful post Nelson. I do hope and pray than another Ryane like person comes in your life soon.
    Love is all there is. It never ever dies.
    Last night only I dreamt that my wife was with me and it was so real, so very real💕
    Love you too 🤗😊

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