Raise your hand if you feel stuck…

I just want to speak to anyone out there who may be feeling stuck.

I know this feeling FULLY.  I have lived it, drowned in it, and overcome it.  Repeat. lol

I will admit I am guilty of letting myself get stuck at times.  Where I am so overwhelmed that I just cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Constantly asking myself, “WHAT AM I DOING? HOW IS THIS LIVING GOD’S PLAN FOR ME?  AND WHAT IS THE POINT??”   This was my life the past year, as I applied to graduate schools and worked in Corporate America.  In my worse moments, I would not help myself.  I would get home and distract myself from all the things I needed to do to get to my future.  I would scroll on Instagram, watch movies/Netflix, or just nap!  That was my life for a period of time.  A little sad, right?   But we can all fall into this at times.

But there is always a way out of this darkness that we can so easily give into.  The key is a plan and the simple thoughtNo one else will do this for me, this is my future and this is what I want to achieve. SO I AM GOING TO GO GET IT.”  

In the black-hole moments, I began to realize that the best way for me to get out, was to set tangible goals.  If I had five graduate school applications, I prioritized based on deadline.  Then, I accomplished the little tasks first, such as filling out my personal information, reference letters, transcripts, etc..  And as I was about to get stuck on the thought that I had COUNTLESS essays, I reminded myself to take it one step at a time.

Here are my easy and tangible steps to help through those slump periods of life:



Tip #3 (And the most important): REMIND YOURSELF WHAT YOUR END GOAL IS.

Tip #1 —  By making a checklist, you are setting tangible goals and deadlines!  This will help you not become overwhelmed.  Be specific.  Set a date for each small step.  For example, I went to orientation for grad school and they gave me a list of about 20 things I had to do within the next three months before I started.  I went through the list prioritized things that needed to be done ASAP, such as getting an internship and registering for classes.  I made those deadlines as short as one to two weeks.  Then, I planned out the rest of the 18 steps to be broken down over the next few months, from immunizations (stupid tdap expires after 10 years, don’t worry I’m tetanus free still lol) to a payment plan to my student ID, etc.  Break it down, and it won’t seem so scary AND each step is an accomplishment that you can write down on your Ta-Da list (see below).

Tip #2 —  You are probably like what the heck is a Ta-Da list?!?  Welll, basically it is a whole list that you write out of ALL the things you have accomplished.  Anything and everything!  From graduating high school to a leadership position in a club you are in to excelling at a project at work, whatever it is, write it down and give yourself the praise you deserve.  You have done a lot in the this crazy battle of life, you should praise yourself for these accomplishments.  So take a moment and congratulate yourself on your past accomplishments, so you can clearly see that your future goals are achievable.  By making a Ta-Da list, this will help remind you of ALL that you have already accomplished on your path to saving the world!

Tip #3 — Through this whole process, I had to remember my “why?”   What was the point of all of this?  I was applying to graduate school, because I wanted to become a counselor, because I want to help adolescents, because I empathize with the emotional/mental struggles the youth of our nation is suffering through.  I want to devote my life to help others, and hopefully saving lives.  That is MY why.

What is your why?  Do you do things to be the best mom you can be?  Or the best sibling?  How is your career aligning with your goals?  How is your career aligning with the nature gifts that God has given you?  What is your passion?  What gives you your drive?


If you are currently stuck or in that weird transition period that everyone hates (I’m still in it waiting for school to start end of August), just remember to keep making steps, even the smallest steps, toward your goals.   Really listen to those people around you, who know you; this is how God speaks with us.  They will be the ones to open your eyes to where you should go in life.  God has placed these people in your life to guide you, so please listen (it took me years to do this).

Life is sooo good, and even though this past year has been hard, and it felt like I wasn’t going anywhere, I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  So keep moving forward.  Remember to ask God to show you His plan, as he has greater plans for us than even we can imagine.

Y’all got this.  I believe in you!  Let’s do it together and remember to keep each other accountable!  Love you all ❤


**I am hoping to post weekly as I have a lot of great ideas and random thoughts to share with you.  If you would like to know when I post, please subscribe with your email!  There is a subscription box to the right! ❤

***The picture is a representation of what stuck feels like.  You throw up those peace sign, check out of reality, and hope life happens for you.  lol



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