The Battle of Loss

Let’s talk about loss.

Any type of loss – from losing someone you love, to a break-up, to not getting the results that you have wanted, from striving for something but not achieving it. — Loss.

The devastation.

Loss is the failure of what we imagined our future to be.

It is us realizing that the person we wanted in our future is gone.

Or the dream that we envisioned is impossible.

It is just out of reach.

We were so close to reaching our goals, dream, illusions,

But it only took seconds to collapse.


Let’s talk about loss.

It is the thing that stops us from breathing.

The reason we cry ourselves to sleep.

It makes us freeze in time.

Reevaluate our goals, because what we envisioned is now impossible.

And there is no going back.

So we look forward.

We pretend that everything is fine.

That we have it all together.

That we have reassessed and are on a new path.

A better path.

But we are grieving this loss.

We have been let down.

By others, by our own failures, by the world around us.

And we have no choice but to change our direction.


Let’s talk about loss.

It causes us to freeze.

To say “I’m comfortable,” instead of “I am fulfilled.”

Due to fear, we settle.

We accept less than we deserve.

But we deserve more.

We deserve our dreams.

To achieve happiness.


Let’s talk about loss.

It may hurt forever.

Or it may be something you look back on as a time you learned from.

Either way, loss is valuable.

These moments shape who you are.

And how you handle future losses.

Loss can define you.


Let’s talk about loss.

If you let it, it will strengthen you.

It will guide your future choices.

It will make you better than you were.

And it will lead you to a better future.

A future that you could never have imagined before the loss.

But at a cost.

It will strip you to your core.

It will humiliate you.

Humble you.


Let’s talk about loss.

It will tear you down fundamentally.

But, if you let it.

It will mold you into something stronger.

Filled with more compassion for others suffering.

It will make you prioritize.

It will center you.


Loss is complex.

It has a mind of it’s own.

But each loss is the same.

It devours, until there is nothing left.

And at that moment, you have no choice, but to regroup.

Because once at your lowest, there is only one way to go.

Only a place where growth can occur.

A place to heal.




From loss comes opportunity. But it takes time.

So take the time you need.

Grieve the loss.

Then, take your newfound strength and fight for your dreams.


Dear God,

There is so much devastation in this world. Please take theses burdens, take these losses, and allow me to grow from these lessons.  Through these hardships, allow me to become the person you want me to be. A better sister, daughter, and friend to those in my life.

Please allow growth and peace in my life.

Love you always.


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