Because of you

Ryane, You would be happy to know that I am more myself than I have been in a long time. More of the goofy, sarcastic sister that you knew, the one who would banter with others, who laughed easily and loved hard, the sister you grew up with, that you nurtured, she went away for … Continue reading Because of you

Dissipate the Darkness

It's crazy how death and loss creates a wound. One that never fully heals. And like any wound can reopen at any moment. These awful moments in our life. The moments you used to think "that would never happen to me." But when it does you are shocked. The worst moments of our lives. When … Continue reading Dissipate the Darkness

How To: Listening

Life has truly been crazy with starting school (WHICH I LOVE, the classes are amazing), working part-time downtown Chicago AND part-time at the Children's Advocacy Center. So I am just going to leave you all with some food for thought that has been a theme in my classes this week: I want to recommend a … Continue reading How To: Listening