Your Space

I recently had an idea.

I have been able to share my pain with loss over the past few years here.

I have been able to tell my story and my sister’s story in this safe space.

I would love to open this up to you.

I want to share the stories of your loved ones.

What do you miss most about them?

How have you managed your grief?

What would you like to share about your loved one?

What hurts the most about losing them?

What do you wish you could share with them?

How do you cope with your loss?

I really just want to give you the opportunity to eternalize your loved one,

the way I have been blessed to eternalize Ryane.

The internet has a weird way of holding things forever,

so if you are willing and open to sharing.

Feel free to submit your loved one’s story to me.

And if you just want to share it with me – let me know.

Or if you don’t mind me sharing it – anonymously or not.

I would love to give your loved one space on my page.

This has helped me heal so much over the years,

I hope it can do the same for you.

Love always,